Monday, July 6, 2015

Update at the Williams' House

A lot has happened here since I last blogged. The end of my school year was awesome!! I especially treasure my time with my family! I love this picture of me and girls at the Mother's Day Tea at their church. 

I also like this picture because it shows a pretty accurate picture of my teeth! That's teeth. In May I noticed that my 2 small baby teeth were feeling loose (you heard that right...I still have baby teeth)!! My dentist recommended we do some ortho in preparation for my bridges in December. So...on the first Monday of summer I got braces!!


It has been quite the adjustment! I only have them on the top teeth but it is still tricky learning how to eat with braces. I am thankful they are for short term! 

The next big thing we have been up to is giving our house a facelift. We started by ordering shutters and windowboxes. 

They came white in color and so I had to decide what color to use as an accent. We had just repainted the foundation to a color called "Resort Tan" by Sherwin Williams. I decided to paint the shutters and flowerboxes the same color.


They took two coats of paint but I was very happy with how they turned out. But I thought they didn't match the front door very well. So we painted the front door a fun color!

We chose Drizzle by Sherwin Williams for our door color. I am very happy with how they turned out! 

I had a lot of fun filling my flower boxes with new flowers! The people at Earl May gave me great suggestions. They said to use a thriller (tall one), filler (bushy type one that will grow side to side), and a spiller (one that comes over the edge). I think they turned out great!


Summer also means it is time for car shows! This year we left super early at 4 AM to get a spot on Grand at the Good Guys car show in Des Moines. It was worth it but boy I was tired!!

Summertime also means more time to try new recipes. Tonight I made homemade Breakfast pizza. It was delicious!! Hopefully my next post won't be six months from now!