Monday, May 19, 2014

Healthy Recipe Run Down

Over the last few weeks I have been cooking some healthy recipes! Here is run-down of my favorites! Click on the pictures to go to the FULL recipes!!


1. Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry (

280 Calories per serving



2. Skinny Mexican Casserole (

292 calories per serving when made with ground turkey


3. Lasagna Rolls (

205 calories per roll


4. Taco Salad (Original recipe )

442 calories for salad

Azteca Taco Salad Shell - 210 calories
1/4 cup of ground beef - 90 calories
1/4 cup of 2% Mexican cheese - 80 calories
Tomato diced - 22 calories
Peppers/Onions - 30 calories
Lettuce - 10 calories


5. Skinny Dr. Pepper Fudge Brownies (

181 calories per brownie (1/12 of 9 x 13 pan)


6. Root Beer Floats (Original Recipe)

Diet Root Beer - 0 calories
1/2 cup of Vanilla Ice Cream - 130 calories

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Turning the HEALTHY corner

Getting Healthy

Jeff and I started a 60 day challenge about 30 days ago. He wanted to cut back on Mountain Dew and I wanted to work-out four days a week! We have both been able to stick with it and I think we both feel better for it!! 


Then a week ago my class at the gym started a 30 day challenge. (Kinda confusing!) I jumped on board this one too!! We each paid in $30 for the challenge. We downloaded My Fitness Pal app and are tracking our calories everyday. If you stay under your daily goal you get a $1 back. If you go over that $1 goes in "the pot". At the end of the month "the pot" goes to the winner of the challenge. 


I have done Weight Watchers before and counted points...but never strictly calories! It was eye opening!! Here is what it looks like early in the day! Lots of calories to spare!! Oh how that changes during the day!

So when it was time for dinner I wanted to make some smarter choices!! We had already planned to have turkey reubens before the challenge started so I was determined to make them as healthy as possible! Here is how it went:


Turkey Reubens

We had these ingredients left over from the previous week's menu. Jeff makes a mean reuben so I told him to make mine lighter!! The bread is a rye and pump bread from Pepperidge farm. Then we added smoked turkey from the deli, provolone cheese from the deli, a little coleslaw and a little thousand island dressing. The bread was lightly buttered and then he toasted it in the skillet. They were DELICIOUS! Definitely didn't taste low calorie!

I had a sweet potato on the side with a little butter on it and cup of watermelon!


Calorie Count
2 slices of Rye and Pump Bread - 160 calories
1 slice of provolone cheese - 80 calories
2 oz. of turkey - 60 calories
1 tbsp of Thousand Island - 60 calories
1/4 cup of Coleslaw - 70 calories
1 tbsp. of butter - 70 calories
Sandwich Total - 500 calories

Sweet Potato - 86 calories
1 cup of watermelon - 46 calories
Dinner Total - 632 calories

I will try to blog about the other recipes I have tried soon...Skinny Mac and Alfredo and Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry!