Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happenings in June

Summer 2014 has been one of my favorite ever!! This is my first summer since I started teaching that I haven't been a nanny. I have loved working as a nanny but I am really enjoying some free time. Here are my highlights of summer so far..

1. Trip to meet Jude - My friend Betsy recently gave birth to a little sweetheart, Jude. I am so thankful I got to spend the day chatting with Betsy and admiring Jude!! She is an amazing mother!! Isn't he a doll?

2. One June Saturday night I had dinner at Barattas to celebrate my girlfriend, Chelsey, graduating from Drake!! She has completed her degree to be a teacher!! Hooray for another teacher friend!!

3. PLC Conference - My school district, Dallas Center-Grimes, took a group of 85 teachers to Minneapolis for the PLC conference. The night before we left Jeff and I went out for a date at Bravo! It was fun to have a night out before I left for 4 days!! I was pretty nervous to be away from him for that long. The conference was awesome! I learned lots of new things and made great friendships with teachers in my school!! The second picture is from one of my favorite experiences. It was the British Pub we went to. It had lawn bowling!! I felt like I was really in England!! The third picture is from my hotel room!!

4. SHOW ME MOPAR Car Show! - Father's Day weekend Jeff and I drove to Columbia, Missouri with his Dad and nephew to show the two Roadrunners! It was about a five hour drive so we had lots of time to talk and fight over the radio! :)  The second picture is Jeff's 1970 Roadrunner. The weather was pretty beautiful for the car show. We were worried about rain but it was only a few sprinkles. The fourth picture is the three guys! The next picture is Tate with our "best of show" trophy. This award went to the 1968 Roadrunner Hemi. Jeff and his dad totally rebuilt this car that won!! I was so proud! The last picture is of me receiving our 1st place plaque for the 1970 Roadrunner! This was my first time having my name on the car!! It was a fun weekend!!

5. Everyday in Madrid - Although trips are fun and date nights are awesome...this is our normal life. Trips to and from the farm and church with Bailey. She has gotten so brave standing on the console between us. She is either trying to lick one of us or get her nose close to the AC. I have started biking and really enjoy that the High Trestle Trail Bridge is just a 15 minute ride away! I have also enjoyed just taking time to enjoy sitting out on our patio. On Saturday a little bunny hopped right by me. So cute!

 That's about it for June...more to come soon about the my basement facelift, music classes, and Cup of Faith Study!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Memorial Weekend Project

Jeff and I stayed pretty busy over the holiday weekend adding a new flower bed to our patio! It turned out great! Jeff did most of the work and I just sat alongside him chatting and supporting!! 

The first step was to dig out the area where we would be adding the new flower bed. Jeff added a layer of crushed limestone to create a flat base.


Then we added Belgium Retaining Wall Block from Menards. Jeff was very careful to make sure the first layer of block was completely level. This part was tedious!



After the wall and stairs were built we filled the beds with dirt. Then it was time to add colorful flowers and tiki torches!



I can't wait to add more flowers as the summer progresses!



The finished product!! I think it turned out great!!