Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our Living Room Remodel

Before the remodel...

 Jeff bought our home in 2002. He remodeled most of the house and created a beautiful home.

Last year when we were married I moved in and added some of my girly touches...but just couldn't decide how I wanted to decorate. 

One day when we were talking Jeff and I discussed the idea of taking out the wall between our living room and the front porch which we never used. 

So we decided to move forward with our remodel.

Jeff did most of the demo to the front porch. We discovered there wasn't any insulation in the walls which was why it was always so cold out there. 

While Jeff and our contractor worked on the wiring, insulating, and dry-walling the new front room I was picking out paint colors. 

I ended up choosing the dark brown color in this picture for our new front door. The color is from Sherwin Williams called Windsor Greige.  I didn't end up using the navy, yellow, or turquoise but that officially became my color palette.

Bailey was such a trooper through the whole remodel. Since she is blind we were nervous about the change in the room but she has adjusted beautifully!

Once the wall was out and the new door was installed Jeff painted all the new trim white.

We kept our furniture in the same spots until the new room was complete hopefully making the transition easier for Bailey.

Jeff's mom came and painted the front room one day before we got home. It was a huge help! The front door is full strength Windsor Greige. The walls in the front room are 50% strength of that same color. In the current living space we painted the walls 25% strength of Windsor Greige. I think using the same color throughout really tied things together.

You can see that Bailey really got used to the furniture in new spots once we moved everything. This is the best picture I have of the new space. We have two larger ottomans that we use in front of the couch for Bailey to sleep on. When you come to visit those are usually put away.

We had two big furniture purchases. One is this new table and chairs from Pier 1. I really wanted a round table since we have a small space. It does extend to an oval which will be nice for bigger groups. 

My favorite purchase is probably our Turquoise Media Credenza. Jeff got a new tv (which I love) and I got this adorable TV stand. I love it because it holds all our components and baskets for blankets and books.

We feel so excited to share this new space with all our friends and family! Please come visit soon!!!