Sunday, October 12, 2014

In Fall

Our fall has been filled with three things: field work, running, and kitchen remodel plans!


Field Work - Harvest has started and we have had a few late nights here. Nights in the field usually look like Jeff and his parents working in the field until 8ish. Some nights I bring dinner out the farm for us to share together. Other nights Bailey and I hang out at home watching TV and do things around the house until Jeff gets home.


Running - I have almost made it to my goal! Saturday is my 5K race I have been training for. I am now able to run 35 minutes without stopping! I can hardly believe it! I hope that Saturday isn't too cold and I am able to run the whole race! 


Kitchen Remodel Plans -  It is almost GO TIME for our kitchen remodel. We have almost everything picked out. It is just a matter of working out the details of the budget, getting things ordered and then we can start! I will definitely blog about all those exciting changes!!