Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring has sprung...I think

Well a couple months have passed since I blogged and a lot has happened in the Williams' household! Here is a recap of the big happenings at our house!

1. Arizona

In January we headed to sunny Arizona to go to the Barrett Jackson Car Auction with Jeff's cousin Curt and his wife Kris. It was so nice to feel the sunshine and warmer temps!

One of the highlights of the trip for me was having another Holiday Starbucks! When we stopped one morning at Starbucks they still had all the holiday flavors. Maybe the warm temps make the holiday flavors less popular there! This morning I had an egg nog yummy!

Here we are at the car show. It was such a cool experience to be with Jeff at his 9th Barrett Jackson Car Auction. There were really cool cars there! I really enjoyed it! We also stayed one night with Jeff's aunt Mary Ann. We went out for Mexican and had a wonderful night!! It was great seeing her!

2. Losing Bailey

February brought one of the hardest months of our life. We realized that Bailey was struggling keeping food down and we thought maybe we needed to adjust her diet. After having her bloodwork done we realized her kidneys were shutting down. it was absolutely heartbreaking to face the fact that we were going to lose our dog. We decided to give Bailey an IV to help her kidneys work. This treatment gave us another 10 days with her and we think helped her to feel less toxic as her kidneys shut down. We slept at the farm on an air mattress for a week while we gave her the treatments. It was so emotional!

She was such an amazing patient and did everything we asked. It is so hard to believe she is gone. We miss her everyday. We loved her so much!! We got new license plates for Old Yeller to honor our pookie!

3. Florida Getaway

At the first part of March we took a quick weekend getaway to Florida. We went to Universal and Downtown Disney. Jeff's parents and sister's family were there too. It was so fun to hang out together!!

4. Entertaining

Now that we have a new dining room table I have been excited to have people over for parties! I have hosted 2 so far this year! My first party was a Valentine's brunch for some girlfriends!

I tried a new recipe which was Panera Spinach Artichoke Egg Souffles...they turned out great. With the souffle I made strawberry/donut hole kabobs. I also made a yummy strawberry smoothie for the drink! We sat and chatted for a couple of hours and it was awesome! I absolutely love having girlfriends over and I love brunch!! Win Win!!

My second party was a birthday party for Evie, Jeff and Mom. Evie and Jeff both turned 35 and Mom turned 67. Jeff smoked a prime rib that was to die for. I made twice baked potatoes and corn. Mom brought salad and Evie made rolls and dessert! It was a wonderful night. I love having my family in my home too!!

That gets us about caught up! Now come on Spring and get here!!