Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Wedding!!

The Day We Became One

December 21, 2013 is a day that will always have a special place in my heart. I had dreamed of this day for years. It was so surreal to have something I had longed for years actually happen. In some ways it was exactly like I had imagined. In other ways it was something completely different but wonderful!!

The day began at 7 AM for me. I met up with the other ladies in the wedding party to get our hair done! I was so happy with my hair style that day!

 We headed to the church and got dressed!! I didn't feel too nervous but I was getting SO excited to see Jeff! I don't have any pictures of the wedding ceremony yet but I will share them in the future!! The surprise of the ceremony was that I sang a song to Jeff before I walked down the aisle. I got kind of emotional and decided to only sing the first verse. Here is the original recording of the song. It is called "The One He Kept For Me." The words really fit how I felt about Jeff!

After the wedding we took family pictures and then Jeff and I went to downtown Panora to take some pictures! It was so special to have a few minutes alone before the reception! I just couldn't get over the fact that we were husband and wife!!!

When we got to the reception we did our first dance to the song "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith (one of Jeff's favorites).  I also danced with my dad. We did a two-step dance to the big band song "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller.

After our dances we cut our cake. Jeff's mom made our cake and did a wonderful job!! It was so yummy and looked beautiful!!!

Then it was time to eat!!! Our meal was delicious! My sister and Jeff's brother gave really sweet and funny toasts. We had so much fun talking with all our guests! We are so thankful for everyone that could be there with us and everyone that was praying for us that day!! 

It truly was a day I will never forget!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Week

It is SO hard to believe that it is ONE week until our wedding!! I have been so busy with preparations that I haven't had a moment to blog. Here are some updates:

1. Engagement Announcement - This past week our engagement announcement ran in the Guthrie Center Times and in the Madrid paper. I thought it turned out great!!

2. Alicia moved to Madrid!

On Thanksgiving night Jeff and I started moving boxes up to OUR house. Jeff was kind enough to spend his last month as an unmarried man living with his mom and dad. This gave me a chance to get settled. He is a gentleman...just another reason I love him!! The transition went really well once I found my necessities buried in all my boxes. I am SO looking forward to living with Jeff!!

3. Alicia joined a gym in Madrid!!

After doing Farrells this summer and early fall I realized I am really a happier person when I am working out. Jeff's sister introduced me to a morning exercise class that I have attended three times and really like it! It is fun to meet some new people from Madrid too!

4. We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday!!

We had an AWESOME birthday party for my dad last Saturday. We had dinner at Okoboji Grill and then shared a red velvet birthday cake I brought! Evie had organized the coolest birthday gift for him. She asked friends and family to send her memories of dad. She put them into 70 envelopes! He loved it!!

5. Emotions

I can almost guess that this week will be a whirlwind of emotions! I am trying to balance my last four days of school work, preparing for the wedding, getting myself all dolled up and thinking about what I need to pack for our honeymoon. Luckily we don't leave until Monday so I may worry about that after the wedding!! I am just praying for God to fill me with the peace that passes all understanding. That in the midst of a stressful time I can feel joyful and thankful for this amazing time in my life!!

6. A few wedding sneak peeks..
We will be having a hot chocolate bar at our reception!!
We will be having JENGA blocks for our guest book!!

Our ring bearer's sign!